​Hello guys!

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​Week of May 26th 

Have a great summer! 

Ms. Elise and Mrs. Mary

Its SUMMER BREAK pink room friends! You know what that means? 
Fun in the sun!! I hope you are all enjoying your first week of summer break!

Summer Boredom Buster: Take a piece of paper. Color 9 different colors in the shape of a square on the paper. Then go on a scavenger hunt outside to find the different colors you have on your paper.

On a hot day its always nice to stay cool. You can stay cool by making your very own fan! All you need is a paper plate, a popsicle stick and scissors. 
Cut the paper plate in half, decorate it and then glue the popsicle stick on.

For an outside activity: Paint enough rock for a game of tic tac toe then use chalk to draw the lines so you can start playing!

Shadow Art with chalk!

Leaf Rubbing Collage: go out and find different kinds of leaves, get your paper put the leaves under the paper, color away with a crayon and watch the leaves appear on your paper!

I miss you all so much and hope to see you all at the celebration parade!!
-Ms. Raegan 

Hello everyone,

Can you believe that this is the last week of school?! I know this is not the way we expected the last few weeks of school to go, but there are still things we can do to celebrate and make it feel like it is the end and to give it closure. I am attaching an “All About Me” information sheet. It’s fun to see how a child’s likes, favorite food, what they want to be when they grow up, etc., changes or not changes through the years. Also, let children tell you how the Covid-19 pandemic/quarantine makes them feel or what they think about it and write it on the back of the All About Me form. This is a history making event and one day they will be telling their grandchildren about it.  

All About Me

St. Michael teachers also want to celebrate the end of the school year with the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten children. We will have a parade style celebration on Thursday, May 21st from 4PM-5PM. (Rain date will be Friday, May 22nd from 4PM-5PM.) Keep a lookout for more information arriving in the mail this week.

It has been wonderful having your child in our Pre-K class this year and we hope you have a great summer!  

Ms. Paula and Ms. Terri

Theme: Bugs

Books :📚
Monday: The Grouchy ladybug 🐞

Tuesday: Ants 🐜

Wednesday: Are you a bee🐝

Thursday: The very hungry caterpillar 🐛

Friday: There was an old lady that swallowed a fly

Songs: 🎶
Monday: Five little ladybugs 🐞

Tuesday: The ants go marching

Wednesday: I’m bringing home my baby bumblebee 🐝

Thursday: Hungry caterpillar song

Friday: Shoo fly don’t bother me

Activities/ games ♟

Monday: paper plate ladybug 🐞- paint plate red let them finger paint black dots if you want u can cut black and white construction paper for eyes and antennas

Tuesday: Ant finger puppet🐜 - cut three circles out of black construction paper one for head two for bodies tape/ glue them together use a hole puncher punch 6 holes on one of the circles for legs 3 on each side u can put pipe cleaners for legs cut out white circles for eyes poke fingers through the bottom circle

Wednesday: marshmallow bee stamp 🐝 - dip marshmallows in yellow paint stamp 2 times for each bee one for head one for body on paper after they dry use black marker to color antennas , stripes and wings

Thursday: pom-pom caterpillars 🐛- using a pom-pom or any little circle object dip in green paint places several dots to make a caterpillar the for face one red dot after it dries u can take black marker for eyes

Friday: bop the bug 🐜🐝🐞🐛- blow up a balloon draw a face on it give kid a fly swatter let them bop the bug ( balloon)

Food/ snack 🍓

Monday: strawberry lady bugs 🐞 - cut strawberries in half put dots of melted chocolate on them for eyes and spots

Tuesday: ants on a log 🐜- cut celery put peanut butter in add raisin on top

Wednesday: honey 🍯 comb cereal

Thursday: fruit 🍎 - place small holes in it to go along with story

Friday: bug juice 🥤 make green Kool-Aid label bug juice 😂🐝

Extras: Movies - bugs life 🐛
Sensory table- If you have left over Easter grass put in tote hide fake bugs in it to be found