Pink Room

October 5-9, 2020
Fall Break: Leaves
Miss Jennifer

Last Week:
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 We reviewed who we are. 
 I was really proud of Colin this week because it is learning what the numbers 1-30 look like on the calendar and can correct himself while counting, he is also improving on some of the colors that he has been confused about. These were his long-term goals.

 City: We celebrated National Chewing Gum Day, signed a card for a teacher who is leaving, drew self-portraits of ourselves wearing our masks, and had fun with balloons.  

This Week
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 We would like to welcome our new friends to our classroom. We can’t wait to learn with you. 
 We are on fall break, we are using this week to learn about leaves.

Next Week 

 The main focus for B/A this week will completing eLearning for the week. The B/A kids will also take part in our leaf activities in the afternoons. We will branch to more fall-related themes next week. 
 We will dive into (Alice in) Wonderland on Tuesday to celebrate Hat Day. 
 We will celebrate the holidays listed below. This will be a fun week!

Upcoming Dates
 October: Fire Safety Month
 10/4/20 National Taco Day (Annual)
 10/4/20 Fire Prevention Week 
 10/5-16/20 GCCS eLearning
 10/6/20 Mad Hatter Day (Annual)
 10/18/20 National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Annual)
 10/21/20 St. Michael Pumpkin Patch
 10/23-31/20 Red Ribbon Week
 10/29/20 Classroom Halloween Party
 10/30/20 Candy Corn Day (Annual)
 10/31/20 Halloween (Annual)
 10/31/20 Trunk or Treat 4:00-5:15 in church parking lot
 10/31/20 National Caramel Apple Day (Annual)
 We will collect Veteran’s Day and All

The Mad Hatter: 'Have I gone mad?' Alice: 'I'm afraid so. You're entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.' 
~ Alice in Wonderland 
 Pre Kindergarten Newsletter ( Yellow room ) 

September 28-October 1

Office phone number: 812-256-3503
Ms. Else's email: 


What we did this week!!
We continued to talk about cities and neighborhoods this week! We talked about community helpers, and what they do to help our community. We made a book about different community helper vehicles we may see and also made our own community helper hats! The kids loved wearing their hats for the rest of the day and this even sparked some new things for them to play while outside! We also used some clay to make dinosaur figures and fossils for our dinosaur museum. We will allow these to dry over fall break and paint them when we come back. I was so impressed by all the kids and their abilities to make a dinosaur! I posted some pictures of our progress of our dinosaur project on our Facebook! We also finished our city this week, and pictures of that were posted as well! I hope everyone enjoyed our open house video. If you have not watched it yet, it is worth the watch!  
I hope you all have a wonderful Fall break!


Fall break is October 5-15. No class! Class will resume Monday, October 19th-Childcare will remain open.

Please dress your child in layers, it has been getting chilly in the morning, and hot in the afternoon!

Make sure you are writing your child’s name on their lunch bags and water bottles.

We are always in need of scrap paper! As long as the paper is blank on one side we can use it

Newsletter from the Green Room
September 25, 2020

Hello from all of us! We are hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are. Outside time has been very pleasant and we have had opportunities to spruce up the garden. We are back to watering since we haven't had rain in a while. We will be looking for signs of changes to the outdoor environment as the leaves change and the flowers go to seed.

Our letter this week is Ff and we have used it in a variety of ways. We talked about feelings and the Pre-K group made a take-home booklet. We used our friend’s names to learn about letter sounds and sounding out words that begin with the letter F. Fall, friends, feelings and faith has guided us through the week. Of course Fridays are always a fun day, having fun being silly with an action chant and an emotion potion, aka, feelings in a bag.

Next week we will work on assessments to get an idea of the developmental skill level of each of our children. We will also enjoy fun crafts and activities using a spider theme. The Very Busy Spider will be a book we will focus on as we put spider manipulatives in learning centers around the room. It’s going be another fun week!

You have some fun at home too!

Ms. Penny, Ms. Karen, Ms. Heather and Ms. Anna

​Purple Room Newsletter 
October 2

Happy fall everyone! Thank you for everyone who attended our virtual open house. If you missed the video, it is still on St. Michael child center Facebook. I am so excited about our upcoming pumpkin patch on October 21st! Remember to let the office know if your child will be attending. Just a heads up the purple room will be having a Halloween party on October 30th. I will keep you updated with more information soon! 

The purple room is in charge of making "bowling pins" out of 2 liters for the pumpkin patch, so if you need to get rid of, please send them in with your child!

In the purple room we have recently started to have a secret student of the day! This is a way to promote good behavior throughout the day.  All students will have a turn to be the secret student. I choose the student by picking from popsicle sticks. If the secret student promotes good behavior all day, then that student will receive 5 behavior bucks while the rest of the class gets 2 bucks. This way all students get rewarded for their wonderful behavior! 

Ms. Raegan 
Yellow Room 
Pink Room 
Green Room 
Purple Room 
Preschool/Orange Room Newsletter
October 23

This Week:
Hi there preschool families! What a successful week we had. I think it is safe to say that the kids all had the most fun at our St. Michael’s pumpkin patch. You should have seen Everett’s excitement at that pumpkin patch! No one can match that! And Wyatt worked so hard painting his pumpkin, so cute! Thankyou to everyone who donated and attended. We also took this week to learn the letter P for pumpkin in class, made our very own pumpkin puzzle using the letters in our names, and played with pumpkin pie scented playdoh. The kids loved it! We read “It’s Pumpkin Time” by Zoe Hall, discussed the pumpkin life cyle and dissected a pumpkin. 

Next Week:
Next week we will continue our study of shapes and tie it into Halloween. Our Halloween party is Thursday, October 29th. We will celebrate with a ghost craft, and Halloween themed games. I am looking forward to our special snack- Pumpkin Patch Brownies! Yum! Our entire class will be dressing in orange, purple, or black that day for our party. Please dress your child accordingly. Thankyou! 

Coming Up:
 During the week of November 2nd we will be learning about fire safety and what to do in an emergency. In order to do this we need to have correct address and phone number information. I don’t expect the children to end this week knowing every number by heart, but this is a great opportunity to introduce the concept. I would like children to know true names for parents not just ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’. This comes in handy in any situation, for example; getting lost in the grocery store. Practice with your children- quiz them so that they know both parent’s names, along with last names. Thankyou for your support! If your address or phone number has changed, please fill out the form below and return by November 3rd.
The Orange Room is in need of your old magazines! Cutting the pictures out of magazine pages is helpful for a number of reasons. It gives kids practice with scissors, and helps math skills by sorting. Please send them in at your earliest convenience. 
All Soul’s Day is Monday, November 2nd. This is a day of remembrance for loved ones who have passed in the last year. We will say a special prayer on Tuesday so every child can be involved. If your family has experienced a loss this year, please send in that person’s name so we can say a prayer for them. 

Miss Erin and Miss Erica 
My email:
Office Phone Number: 812-256-3503
Orange Room