Pink Room 

June 22-26, 2020
Transportation Week

This Week:
 Even though the real Olympics can’t happen this year, we will still celebrate the Olympics in our room. We will have small competitions and learn about the history of the Olympics. 
 Art: The kids will design their own medals and flag. Olympic bracelets, stamping rings with tubes. 
 Journal: The children will also write about what it would be like to be an Olympian and how they won their medal. 
 Literacy: Word search, Olympic brain teasers, books about athletes. 
 We will discuss males and females who have earned Olympic medals. This will include Gabby Douglas. 
 Science: Olympics stem. Making an Olympic flame. 
 Games: Olympic charades, Olympic yoga.]

Next Week:
 Farm Week: Cows, plants, poultry, rabbits, lamas, horses, machinery, harvesting, goats, sheep, and pigs. This will be a very busy and educational week.
 The last full week of summer break for GCCS children. This summer has been a blast and has definitely been one to remember.


Natural Resources Week Memorable Moments:
 The children loved doing ocean yoga, you should see them crab walk. 
  We were surprised by how big a triceratops’ foot was. 
 We really enjoyed looking through Miss Jennifer’s fossil kit.
 We had a lot of fun dancing to camp songs and learning the song, “Me and My Dinosaur.”

Friendly Reminders: 
 Please wash your mask every night!
 The children are doing a really good job of looking after each other and making friends. We are very proud of their behavior as well as of how helpful they are.

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” ~Michael Phelps

Classroom Newsletter-Yellow 
July 6 - July 10

Please write child’s name on water bottles. Thank you!

This week:
This week we traveled all around the world! Monday we made our passports and painted the earth! Tuesday we set off on our adventure around the world! Our first stop was Asia! We talked about Asian culture, made chinese fans, and even had a scarf ceremony! The kids were a little disappointed when they figured out we weren't really going to Asia, but once we boarded our airplane, they began using their imaginations. Ms Erin has visited Asia, so she brought in items for the kids to look at, and she also brought pictures. The kids loved looking at the pictures and making their own observations. We also visited South America. We talked about the rainforest and used bubble wrap to paint snakes. We also made our own rainstick! Friday we visited Egypt and Africa! We made cup pyramids, had a drum lesson, and made some mummy bananas! This was a very fun week! The kids all loved traveling around the world and were very excited every morning to hear where we would be going!

Next week:
Next week will be Safari week! We will make elephant toothpaste, make animal silhouettes, make our own safari hat and animal mask, and have a special jungle themed snack! We will discuss different animals we may find in the jungle, animal habitats, and plants! 

Classroom tips:
July 27th we will be tie dying shirts in our room! We will send home a note regarding this next week. We will need a white shirt by July 24th! 

Please have your child practice opening lunch items such as water bottles, yogurts, pudding cups, chip bags, and apple sauce pouches. This is great fine motor skill practice and also helps your child become more independent!  

Ms. Elise and Ms. Erin

  Newsletter from the Green Room
  July 9, 2020

This week we traveled back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. We learned about dino environments and then drew and painted landscape pictures. We went on digs for bones and rocks and even an ice dig. The kids used the bones to reconstruct their version of what a dinosaur might look like. We used magnifying glasses to examine bones and rocks. It has been a fun, hands on learning experience. 

Next week we move on to transportation and have many fun activities planned. we are requesting a vacation photo and will discuss what mode of transportation was used to arrive at the destination. Please send a photo or two by Monday or Tuesday so each child will have something to show the group. 

Wednesday we will set up a car wash and use chairs as cars. Your child may want to bring extra shoes in case they get wet. We may be changing clothes as well but we should already have those in each child's box.

One more thing. A few of the older children do not nap but are required to have rest time. If your child enjoys reading we encourage him or her to bring a chapter book to read during this time. Summer days and reading go well together, especially on these hot afternoons.  

We all told Ms. Ashley goodbye on Tuesday and wished her many good things as she moves to the next step in her journey. She will be missed!

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week.

Ms. Penny, Ms. Anna and Ms. Heather

Hard to believe we are now in the month of July! Our summer feels as if it’s flying by! 
The kids have a calendar in the classroom and have already began marking off the days until school starts back up. It will be here before we know it! 
Look out for information on before and aftercare from the office newsletter!

This week we got crafty! We didn’t have much of a theme. We allowed the children to pick and choose things they wanted to create, paint, play, build, and learn about.
Some our biggest hits from this week were sewing pillows and making birdfeeders. 
We learned a little about natural resources and what they are!
Ms. Raegan also did a few science experiments with us. Our favorite had to of been the dancing raisins! Ask your child about it!

Have a great weekend!

Next Week

Next week is farm week! 

We plan on learning about farm life and animals! We will be doing a disappearing egg experiment, making llama puppets, and making a foam cup cow. We’ll also be learning about different types of plants, machinery and crops!

Please let the office know when your child will be absent.

Make sure to fill out your before and aftercare needs for the upcoming school year and turn it into the office. This is located on the second page of the office newsletter! 

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