February 1-5, 2021
Creative Movement
Ms. Jennifer

This Week:
 We did a lot of activities that taught us more about how shadows work and about groundhogs/ woodchucks. We had a lot of fun making groundhog burrows.
 Math: Each child has a shape that they are working on: pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. 
 Literacy: -in word family
 Music: We enjoyed dancing. Some favorites are: “All I Eat is Pizza,” “Dinosaur Stomp,” and “Baby Shark.”
 We have been making predictions while reading.

 National Catholic Schools Week: The children did a great job decorating the door. We used the crayon melter (a griddle covered in aluminum foil) and painters tape to decorate crosses and each child wrote why they love St. Michael. We made so many valentines for the church shut-ins and for the congregation. The children have worked so hard lately. 
  Science: We did not get to track shadows throughout the day to see how they change due to the weather, so we will do that next week.
 We celebrated opposite day and National Compliment Day. 
 Please scan box tops and credit them to the pink room so that we can earn an ice cream party. 
 Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

Next Week:
 We will do a lot of activities that will teach us more about creative movement. We will move blocks in creative ways and do a lot of dancing.
 Math: We will continue to work on our shapes. 
 Literacy: We will read some challenge words.
 Art: We will use paint brushes with bells connected to them.
 Career Day: Please send pre-k kids dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up on Thursday!

 National Catholic Schools Week: We will be making a lot of thank you cards. The children will also have a day where they focus on each other and they get to enjoy some fun activities together. 
 Please scan box tops and credit them to the pink room so that we can earn an ice cream party. 

Upcoming Dates
 1/29/21 GCCS eLearning Day
 1/29/21 National Puzzle Day
 1/31/21 Backwards Day
 2/2/21 Groundhog Day
 2/3/21 Carrot Cake Day
 2/4/21 Career Day (See Above)
 2/6/21 National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 
 2/7/21 Super Bowl Sunday
 2/7/21 National Send a Card to a Friend Day
 2/9/21 National Pizza Pie Day
 2/10/21 National Umbrella Day
 2/11/21 Valentine Class Party
 2/11/21 National Make a Friend Day
 2/12/21 GCCS eLearning Day
 2/12/21 Chinese Lunar New Year
 2/14/21 Valentine’s Day
 2/14/21 National Ferris Wheel Day
 2/15/21 GCCS eLearning Day
 2/15/2021 President’s Day

​"Children are like snowflakes. They are pure. They are beautiful. They are unique and they each soar at their own pace. Don’t try to compare them." ~Kim Uliana

Yellow Room 
January 25-28
Ms. Elise 

Last Week:
We learned so much about hibernation. Where animals hibernate, why they do it, and so much more. We learned turtles sleep under mud. How exciting! We made dens out of the letter H, we used toothpicks and marshmallows to build our very own dens, and we played a fun board game! At the beginning of the week we discussed our hibernation cave and some of the kids were nervous to bring an animal, however I am happy to say all of our animals are tucked away into the cave until spring! Our animals were able to celebrate our book release with us as well before heading to sleep! Can you believe we are published authors. We celebrated this in our class with a book release party! We had a red carpet to walk down, photos, a book signing, and a special snack!

This Week:
Sight words: jump, help, pink, circle
We are going to be discussing groundhogs this week as well as predictions and shadows! We will explore our shadows by making drawings, using measurements, and taking photos! We will also predict whether the groundhog will see his shadow or not on a large class chart. How big is a groundhog? Children will find this out and use yardsticks to measure out their own groundhog sized paper to decorate. We will also explore flashlights. We will make shadow puppets, and try to put a flashlight together. Children will get to explore batteries, how flashlights work, and strengthen their fine motor skills! During our morning meeting time we will discuss how the sun and earth move to create shadows. We will also set up objects outside so we can observe the shadows they cast throughout the day. What happened to the shadows? Did they get bigger or smaller? Children will measure and document!

If you have a flashlight at home we could borrow for the week we would greatly appreciate it! (Please label with name!)
Send hats and mittens/gloves daily! We go outside even when it is cold! 
Please download the box top app. We are going to be starting a box top contest at our school on Monday! Check Facebook for more information! 
Practice letter sounds at home! You can do this while reading a story, waiting at a restaurant, during down time! Look at letters and practice what sound they make together as well as saying each letter! Learning reading happens best when practiced not only at school, but at home as well!

Green Room
January 22, 2021 
Ms. Kyann & Ms. Karen 

Purple Room 
January 22, 2021
Ms. Raegan 

Yellow Room 
Pink Room 
Green Room 
Purple Room 

Preschool/Orange Room Newsletter 
January 28, 2021

This Week:
This week we spent some extra time working on self-regulation, especially emotional. I have seen so much progress in your children thanks to Ms. Jenna! We have really enjoyed having her in our classroom and will miss her when she heads to another room next week. 
We also spent time decorating our door for Catholic Schools Week next week. We painted grass and a road. Then each child made a building, a car to put on the road, and a picture of themselves. Eliana made a hospital and said she drew a picture of her as a doctor. Wyatt and Everett both made race tracks, while Jayden made her house. It has been so fun to see the children’s imaginations grow as they build a community to decorate our classroom door. 
We have kept a close eye on our hibernating bears in the hibernation cave. February 2nd can’t come fast enough! We read some books on groundhogs and made our predictions about whether the groundhog will see his shadow. The bears will be going home on Tuesday. 

Next Week:
We will continue our exploration of groundhogs and move onto studying our shadows next week. We will take turns measuring our friends’ shadows and have small-group time around the light table. We will also begin discussing friendship in preparation for Valentine’s Day. We have some fun things planned that I am looking forward to! 
Next week is Catholic Schools Week! Father Adam will judge our classroom doors, we will have a flag ceremony with the American Legion and will take time to clean up around our building. Thursday the 4th is Vocation Day. If your child would like to come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up- they are certainly welcome to! 

The box top competition starts next week and goes until March. Make sure to download the free app and credit it to the Orange Room! The winning room will receive a prize! 

Thank you for supporting our school, and entrusting St. Michael’s with your child! 

Miss Erin 
Orange Room