September 28– October 2, 2020
Who We Are
Miss Jennifer

Last Week:
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 We discussed our community. 
 We are starting to learn about capital and lowercase letters.
 Please point out the colors: yellow, green, and orange and the shapes: triangle and square to your child as you see them. This will really help reinforce what we are learning. 

 City: All of the children are having fun decorating boxes to become our city. This helps our younger friends understand the concept of a community better. We had fun watching one of the one year olds paint quickly and then we all had a giggle about how messy she was afterwards. She was cute and all of the paint washed off her.  
 Talk like a Pirate Day: Some kids wore eye patches, a few learned how to draw a shark, we listened to pirate music, and ate pirate puff-corn. It was a fun day.
 Bulletin Board: We made cupcake paper apples to go into our paper plate basket. The building-wide bulletin board looks amazing!

This Week
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 Our theme will be a review of who we are. 

 Balloons Around the World day will be Thursday. 
 We will celebrate the holidays listed below. This will be a fun week!
 We will discuss community service ideas as well as how we want to learn about Halloween. 

Upcoming Dates
 9/27/20 National Chocolate Milk Day (Annual)
 9/30/20 National Chewing Gum Day
 October: Fire Safety Month
 10/1/20 Balloons Around the World Day (Annual)- more ideas at Oh the Places You Will Go 
 10/4/20 National Taco Day (Annual)
 10/4/2020 Fire Prevention Week 
 10/5-16/2020 GCCS eLearning
 10/21/20 St. Michael Pumpkin Patch

​“Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” ~ Peter R. Reynolds
Pre Kindergarten Newsletter ( Yellow room ) 

September 28-October 1

Office phone number: 812-256-3503
Ms. Else's email: 

What we did this week!!
We had a fun week starting our city project and discussing community helpers and neighborhoods. We also talked about emergency services and why and when we should call 9-1-1. This group is such a smart group of kiddos! The kids loved working on our city project and couldn’t wait to continue getting to work on it. They came up with what buildings should be in our city, and how the buildings should look. The only suggestion I gave them was to make sure to include doors and windows! We also started planning for a bigger project this week. This group of kids has always had an interest in dinosaurs so I thought this would be a great subject for our first project approach idea. We talked as a group about what we could work on over these next couple weeks and the children have decided on making a dinosaur museum. We are working on what all this would include, but they all have such great ideas. I just know it will turn out great! We will work on this project as long as the kids show interest but hope to have our museum complete once we resume class after fall break.  

Next week
We will continue to discuss neighborhoods, cities, and community helpers next week. We will also look at our own addresses and practice saying them. We will use a song/rhyme to practice these. At the end of the week I will send home a copy of the song we use so that you can continue to practice this at home with your child. We will make a community helper book, community helper hats, a “where I live” book, and so much more. We will also use our city theme while working on counting and number recognition. We will build buildings to match a number, make patterns, and build a popsicle stick building to match a pre-made design. We will also take time this week to complete our city. Be on the lookout for pictures to be posted at the end of the week of our hard work! 


Fall break is October 5-15. No class! Class will resume Monday, October 19th-Childcare will remain open.

Please dress your child in layers, it has been getting chilly in the morning, and hot in the afternoon!

Make sure you are writing your child’s name on their lunch bags and water bottles.

Virtual open house- September 30th at 6:30 p.m. Please join us, the video will be live at 6:30 p.m. Tune in to see what your child does during their day!  

We are always in need of scrap paper! As long as the paper is blank on one side we can use it! 

Newsletter from the Green Room
September 25, 2020

Hello from all of us! We are hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are. Outside time has been very pleasant and we have had opportunities to spruce up the garden. We are back to watering since we haven't had rain in a while. We will be looking for signs of changes to the outdoor environment as the leaves change and the flowers go to seed.

Our letter this week is Ff and we have used it in a variety of ways. We talked about feelings and the Pre-K group made a take-home booklet. We used our friend’s names to learn about letter sounds and sounding out words that begin with the letter F. Fall, friends, feelings and faith has guided us through the week. Of course Fridays are always a fun day, having fun being silly with an action chant and an emotion potion, aka, feelings in a bag.

Next week we will work on assessments to get an idea of the developmental skill level of each of our children. We will also enjoy fun crafts and activities using a spider theme. The Very Busy Spider will be a book we will focus on as we put spider manipulatives in learning centers around the room. It’s going be another fun week!

You have some fun at home too!

Ms. Penny, Ms. Karen, Ms. Heather and Ms. Anna

Purple Room Newsletter

This week we talked about the upcoming Kentucky Derby!
We had our very own Derby race! The children got to pick a number, name their own horse, and make a silk to wear while they raced!
The children wrote a story from their horses’ point of view about the Kentucky Derby. 
I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day! 

​Don’t forget all materials needed for eLearning days next week!

We are closed Monday
September 7, 2020
for Labor Day!

Inspirational Quote of The Week: 
You are kind.
You are smart
You are important. 

Ms. Raegan 
Yellow Room 
Pink Room 
Green Room 
Purple Room 
Orange Room 
This Week:
We had a great week learning about our colors! We tried red apples, blueberries, and yellow bananas as part of our color study. We read “Blueberries for Sal” by Robert Mcloskey while we ate our blueberries. It was so fun to see each child so engrossed in this story! We also took time to paint with each color and discuss colors we see around the room. 
Each week we choose one letter to study. This week we are studying Rosie’s letter R. We will study each child’s letter as opportunities arise during the year. I have already sent home the lowercase ‘r’. Please encourage home to school connections by doing this craft with your child. You may choose to color it “R for red”!
Next Week:
Next week we will study the colors green and orange. We will have our morning meeting outside in the green grass and try oranges for our snack. The kids love finding the color of the day on their clothing so try to dress your child accordingly for extra fun! Tuesday is the color green and Wednesday is the color orange. Thursday is rainbow day!
Coming Up:
Don’t forget about the virtual open house on the St. Michael Child Center Charlestown, Indiana Facebook page. Check us out on September 30th. The children are so excited to welcome you to our school! 
This year our pumpkin patch field trip will be at St. Michael’s. We are looking for donations of pumpkins and hay bales to make this fun day possible. Be on the lookout for more details coming soon. We are also open to COVID safe activity ideas, let us know if you have any ideas or helpful game materials. 
The mornings are getting chilly! Please send in light jackets for your child. Layers are best! I am happy to help your child take layers off if they get too warm. 
Fall break is October 5th- 16th. We will not have Preschool those weeks; however childcare will still be open. I will be sending out small learning packets soon for your child to work on over the break. 
Keep practicing self-help skills! Water bottles, chip bags, twistable yogurts/ apple sauces should all be practiced often with your child. Children are more empowered when they have independence in small things like this. 
Orange Room