Pink Room
January 11-15, 2020
Winter Weather
Miss Jennifer

Last Week:
Epiphany: We visited the nativity scene to talk about how long it took the wise men to get to baby Jesus. We wore our wise men crowns. 
Adventure: We had a lot of fun walking in the little league park during play time, we even played hide-and-seek. So many of the kids in this group are interested in playing baseball. We decided that we would like to read a book there one day. 
Winter: We have been listing what we know about the different aspects of winter (weather, how to dress, fun activities, etc). The kids got to watch a go pro video of someone skiing. We created our own Snowballs snowmen. Elliana really impressed me when she knew the stages of the water cycle thanks to a Frozen book. 
 Literacy: We read quite a few books about weather and snow, the kids are excited to get to read so many big books. We are practicing making inferences using the book Snowmen at Night. The kids love this book. 
 Math: We have been graphing the weather after playtime each morning. 
 Culture: How do we enjoy snow? What items do we need?
 Santa! The responses from Santa finally came back! It was so much fun to read the personalized responses. 
 Snowflakes: The kids learned how to make paper snowflakes. They were frustrated while making them, but proud of the outcome. Each child got to hang up some of our winter window clings. This is a simple way to make the kids happy at home as well. 
 Crafts: We have been making winter crafts such as paper snowflakes and paint car tracks.
This Week:
 Literacy: We will read quite a few books about weather and snow, including The Snowy Day. We will continue to describe winter. Initial Sounds: /c/, /h/, /m/, /s/, and /w/. Blending. Positional words. 
 Math: We will count down
 Crafts: Snow crafts
 Music: We will sing so many winter songs!
 Social Studies: We will learn about snowplows and how snow affects people.
 We will use cottonballs to represent snow in the toy shelves. 
 We are collecting really cool words. We will read The Word Collector.
 We are exploring winter with pre-k. There should be plenty of crafts, science, and sensory. 

Upcoming Dates

 1/9/20 Word Nerd Day Please help your child find cool words to share with us!
 1/11/20 Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
 1/13/20 Make Your Dreams Come True Day
 1/15/20 National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
1/15/21 E-Learning Day 
 1/17/20 Kid Inventors’ Day
 1/19/20 National Popcorn Day
 1/20/20 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: No School, Childcare Open
 1/21/20 Squirrel Appreciation Day
 1/24/20 National Compliment Day
 1/24/21 National Peanut Butter Day 
 1/25/20 Opposite Day
 1/25/20 Chinese New Year
 1/27-31/20 National Catholic Schools Week
 1/27/20 National Chocolate Cake Day
 1/29/20 National Puzzle Day
 1/31/20 Backwards Day

"Children are like snowflakes. They are pure. They are beautiful. They are unique and they each soar at their own pace. Don’t try to compare them." ~Kim Uliana

Yellow Room 
January 11-14
Ms. Elise 

Last Week 
We had so much fun all week learning about ice. We started our week by taking a walk and collecting a nature item. We then froze it into a cup of ice, and hung them outside to observe what would happen. You may have noticed them on your drive into school! Every day the kids were so excited to go check on their ice, and my oh my was it the perfect week for this. It was just cold enough to keep them froze for multiple days, but the sun came out so the children were able to observe the melting process and see some ice cycles. We also painted with ice marbles. Heath made sure to let me know that doing that was the best thing ever, and several of his friends agreed! We learned all about how ice freezes, and how it melts, and so much more. Did you hear any fun stories from their school week? 

Next Week:
Sight words - you, it, black 
Next week we are going to begin talking about winter animals. We will discuss penguins, what do they eat? how do they survive in the cold? I know we have a lot of animal lovers in our class so I am very excited for this week! We will also spend part of Tuesday discussing Martin Luther King Jr. and why he was so important! We will make peaceful hearts to hang up in our classroom. The children will come up with a way our classroom can become more peaceful, and then decorate a heart. We will go over these hearts as a class then promise to try and follow through. After that we will make peace crowns to wear. We will also use some winter animals to discuss what is real and what is pretend and sort them as a class on chart paper. Is a penguin real? what about the big bad wold? Children will use language and at the end we will practice our counting skills and tally up how many animals are in each section. 

Monday, Jan. 18- No school (Childcare open) -MLK day
Please remember to write your child’s name on their lunch bag
It is getting colder! Please send in winter jackets, hats, and gloves or mittens daily. 
Lighter jackets are good to wear inside! Sometimes the kids will get cold and want a lighter jacket. One can be sent daily, or you can send one to be left here! 
Please download the box top app. We are going to be starting a box top contest at our school. More information will be sent home soon! 

Green Room
January 8, 2021 
Ms. Kyann & Ms. Karen 

This Week
This week we learned all about winter and the letter W. WE began learning about winter weather and what we should wear when its cold outside. We have been also learning about artic animals and what other animals do in the winter to stay warm and cozy. We also went on a few nature walks. 
I think the kids had so much fun with this weeks activities. 

Teacher Notes
We hope you all enjoyed time spent together over the holidays. I think we were all excited this week for all of our classmates to return! 

Happy New Year! 

Reminders & Tips
Please send your child with mittens and a hat as we will continue to spend time outside. 

Label your child's items 
Purple Room 
December 18, 2020

This Week: 
I hope everyone enjoyed our Christmas program with their hot chocolate!

We FINALLY sent our book off on Monday evening. I’ve received an email that they have begun the process of publishing. Therefore, our books will hopefully be returned to us after New Years! We plan on having a book release party with punch and cake. More information will come! 

We read 4 different versions of “The gingerbread man” and decided on which was our favorite. We made homemade cinnamon play dough and used it to make our gingerbread cookies. We also ate gingerbread Oreo cookies for snack. These weren’t a big hit! 

We ended our week with a bubble gum blowing contest. 

Next week: ​

​Next week will be a short week. We will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a part on Tuesday! 

The children will create their own Christmas floats from boxes and walk in a Christmas parade! 

Please send your child with hat and gloves

St. Michael will be closed on 12/24 & 12/25 

St. Michael will be closed on 12/31 & 1/1 

Yellow Room 
Pink Room 
Green Room 
Purple Room 

Preschool/Orange Room Newsletter 
January 14th, 2021

This Week:
The children have loved our arctic animal theme this week! We read “Where is Home, Little Pip?” by Karma Wilson. Afterwards we got out our play penguins and made snowy scenes using shaving cream. The kids loved this activity and talked about Pip Pip all week. 
We also read “Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” by Eric Carle. This was another favorite. Both Sam and Lillian chose to read this book during their free time. I was so proud to see them pointing at the words and reciting what they had heard me read. 
During our morning prayer on Wednesday, Eliana asked if we could pray for Lillian. So sweet! I love how caring these children are! We are STILL cleaning up leaves from this fall. Wyatt and Jayden enjoy helping me clean them up while we go outside to play- what a blessing!
 Last week we sent letters to community helpers asking questions about their jobs. The Mailman has already sent his letter back. The children were so excited to hear it! The Police officers have offered to bring in their K-9 and answer questions in person. This will take place next week. The preschool and pre-k are really looking forward to this! 

Next Week:
Next week we will be learning about hibernation! For a fun way to do this, the Orange Room is inviting their favorite stuffed animals (particularly bears) to spend the week in our room. We will make a cave for them to sleep in until February 2nd (Groundhog day). If your child does not have a bear, any animal will do. Please have them in by Tuesday, Jan. 19th as that is our “Hibernation Day”. All animals will be stored where children can not reach them, will not be toys to be played with or touched during the day, will only be held by the child who owns it, and sent home in a plastic bag (feel free to send the animal in a plastic bag). Please no over-large animals and be sure to write your child’s name on the tag! We will take them out on Groundhog Day and ask them what they did during hibernation. 

We have been enjoying our time outside every day- simply cut shorter during colder weather. Please help your child practice independently putting mittens on. It is developmentally appropriate for children of this age to be able to put mittens on. 

Miss Erica has arranged a box-top competition for us. This will run from February 1st to March 1st. More information will be on the way; however, now is a good time to download a box top app for scanning receipts. 

Miss Erin
Orange Room