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October 5-9, 2020
Fall Break: Leaves
Miss Jennifer

Last Week:
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 We reviewed who we are. 
 I was really proud of Colin this week because it is learning what the numbers 1-30 look like on the calendar and can correct himself while counting, he is also improving on some of the colors that he has been confused about. These were his long-term goals.

 City: We celebrated National Chewing Gum Day, signed a card for a teacher who is leaving, drew self-portraits of ourselves wearing our masks, and had fun with balloons.  

This Week
Preschool/ Pre-K:
 We would like to welcome our new friends to our classroom. We can’t wait to learn with you. 
 We are on fall break, we are using this week to learn about leaves.

Next Week 

 The main focus for B/A this week will completing eLearning for the week. The B/A kids will also take part in our leaf activities in the afternoons. We will branch to more fall-related themes next week. 
 We will dive into (Alice in) Wonderland on Tuesday to celebrate Hat Day. 
 We will celebrate the holidays listed below. This will be a fun week!

Upcoming Dates
 October: Fire Safety Month
 10/4/20 National Taco Day (Annual)
 10/4/20 Fire Prevention Week 
 10/5-16/20 GCCS eLearning
 10/6/20 Mad Hatter Day (Annual)
 10/18/20 National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Annual)
 10/21/20 St. Michael Pumpkin Patch
 10/23-31/20 Red Ribbon Week
 10/29/20 Classroom Halloween Party
 10/30/20 Candy Corn Day (Annual)
 10/31/20 Halloween (Annual)
 10/31/20 Trunk or Treat 4:00-5:15 in church parking lot
 10/31/20 National Caramel Apple Day (Annual)
 We will collect Veteran’s Day and All

The Mad Hatter: 'Have I gone mad?' Alice: 'I'm afraid so. You're entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.' 
~ Alice in Wonderland 
Pre-Kindergarten Newsletter (Yellow room) 

November 9-12

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Ms. Else's email: 

Next week's sight words: (Nov. 16) and, one
I can tell there is practicing going on at home. They are picking up sight words so quickly! Continue to practice our sight words we have learned so far. Thank you for all your doing to help!

What we did this week!!
This week our dinosaur museum had its grand opening! We started this project before fall break. We worked on this every week up until this week, and oh my! It was exciting. We made tons of pictures, clay dinosaurs, teeth, and fossils, and learned so much about dinosaurs. We were able to invite some teachers to come tour our museum and the kids had a blast showing them around our museum and telling them all kinds of information about dinosaurs. I posted a few pictures and a short video to our school Facebook, be sure to check it out if you missed it! This week we also continued to talk about animals. The children each chose an animal picture and were instructed to draw that animal on their own, and they did amazing. We have such talented, smart kids this year. After they drew their animal we researched where their animal lived, what they ate, and what their babies are called! We learned squirrel babies are called kittens and everyone found this to be so funny! We also discussed being kind and thankful as a start to this holiday season! It is a good idea to continue this discussion at home, maybe during dinner take turns going around and saying one thing you are thankful for that happened that day. This is a great way to hear about each other’s days as well.  

Next Week
Now that our museum project has come to an end, we are going to begin working on writing our very own book! We are also going to be practicing daily for our upcoming virtual Christmas program. We are also going to be discussing seasons and the different weather that comes with those! (Funny as I am typing this in the middle of fall and we are having summer weather ha-ha.) We will also continue to talk about being thankful, grateful and kind throughout this week. We are going to be making thankful books and playing a gratitude game. We will also take time to investigate heavy and light and sort the two. Do heavy things sink or float? How do they feel different? Etc.  


Please dress your child in layers, the chilly weather has arrived. We are also keeping our classroom at 68 degrees to help stop the spread of germs, and sometimes children want a light jacket to wear.  

Pretty soon we are going to need hats and mittens, Please write your child's name on mittens and hat tags. We prefer mittens over gloves, mittens are easier to put on with small hands.  

Please make sure you are sending a bottle of water in with your child each day. Hydration is very important to help your child’s immune system stay strong. Don’t forget to write your child’s name on their bottle. Children need a bottle of water sent daily. 

We are going to be publishing our very own book! Please fill out and return an order form even if you DO NOT wish to order a book. There is a place to check no on the form- If all forms are returned even without any orders, our class will get one free copy of our book!  

November 25th- No class- Childcare open
November 26th-27th - Building closed

Virtual Christmas Program - December 17th @ 6:30 p.m. (Video will be posted to school Facebook page) 

Newsletter from the Green Room
September 25, 2020

Hello from all of us! We are hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are. Outside time has been very pleasant and we have had opportunities to spruce up the garden. We are back to watering since we haven't had rain in a while. We will be looking for signs of changes to the outdoor environment as the leaves change and the flowers go to seed.

Our letter this week is Ff and we have used it in a variety of ways. We talked about feelings and the Pre-K group made a take-home booklet. We used our friend’s names to learn about letter sounds and sounding out words that begin with the letter F. Fall, friends, feelings and faith has guided us through the week. Of course Fridays are always a fun day, having fun being silly with an action chant and an emotion potion, aka, feelings in a bag.

Next week we will work on assessments to get an idea of the developmental skill level of each of our children. We will also enjoy fun crafts and activities using a spider theme. The Very Busy Spider will be a book we will focus on as we put spider manipulatives in learning centers around the room. It’s going be another fun week!

You have some fun at home too!

Ms. Penny, Ms. Karen, Ms. Heather and Ms. Anna

​Purple Room Newsletter 
November 13, 2020

​This week we started talking about a book we will write together as a class. Earlier this week we sent home order forms. 
Ms. Erica & I are so excited for this book!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The purple room will be having a friends giving this year but it won't look like the one we had last year. More information will be coming soon.

It's getting colder! make sure your child is dressed appropriate for the weather since we do go outside in the mornings. 

Have a fantastic weekend! stay safe!

Ms. Raegan 
Yellow Room 
Pink Room 
Green Room 
Purple Room 

​Preschool/Orange Room Newsletter 
November 12, 2020

This Week:
This week we started a new theme: Food! Boy did the kids like this one! Haha! On Tuesday we discussed breads, grains, and cereals, and on Thursday we discussed dairy. We read “More Spaghetti, I Say!” by Rita Golden Gelman and counted out seeds to put into milk cartons as shakers! We talked about where we buy food and recipes (what it takes to make our favorite meals). We even made a class recipe book! You will see this come home in the next week or so as some have not finished yet.
We also discussed Veteran’s Day on Wednesday and spent extra time praying for Veterans and thanking God for using them to keep us safe.
The kids have been loving raking up the leaves and playing them. Every single one of them enjoys having a ‘leaf catching’ contest outside when wind blows the leaves off the trees. On Tuesday, Sam grabbed my hand and insisted I run through the falling leaves with him. So fun!

Next Week:
We will continue our discussion of food with meats, fruits/vegetables, and healthy/unhealthy foods. We will also be talking about Thanksgiving- gratitude, and how to be generous to others. We will draw pictures of our favorite foods, and count turkeys. Our religious lesson next week will center on Thankfulness and we will create a ‘thankful’ tree. 
We will also be talking about a new project approach starting next week. We will explore some of our favorite subjects to determine a new project.

 -Please send your child in layers! The weather is getting colder (it’s supposed to be...) and I am always willing to assist your child if a sweatshirt/jacket gets too hot, etc. Hats and mittens are encouraged as well. We may not use them this week, but the weather could turn quickly! 
-The Orange Room is in need of magazines! We use these for cutting and sorting practice (collages) and go through them quickly. Please bring in any old magazines you may have laying around. Thanks!  
- December 17th is our virtual Christmas Program! The children have already been practicing their songs! This program will be filmed on December 15th. In order to make our program as ‘normal’ as possible, please dress your child in their Christmas outfit (like they would have worn in the program) on December 15th. This is the date we will film the program. It will be on our Facebook page on the 17th. This is for all students, not just Preschool, the younger ones will be included. 
- We will not have class on Wednesday, November 25th, but childcare will be open. Happy Thanksgiving!

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***If you have not already done so, please send in a binder for your (Preschool only) student. Thank you! ***

Miss Erin and Miss Erica 
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