Pink Room

June 29- July 3, 2020
Camping/Independence Day Week
Miss Jennifer, Miss Alisha, Miss Karen

​This Week:
 We are doing many activities that are not on this newsletter, but here are some highlights from your child’s week. We will make a passport and learn about the culture and favorites of each of these countries.

 Morning Meeting: Farm Jokes
 Summer Bridge: Budgeting, prepositions, graphing favorite animals, farmer’s market math, fact and opinion
 Planting/Cows: Water cycle bag, plant parts, cowpoke signal, “Wisconsin Milk” and “On Top of Spaghetti” songs, How do we get milk?
 Chickens/ Rabbits: Dissolving eggshells, diagram of the inside of an egg, throw the eggs (balls) into the hen’s nesting box, “6 Little Ducks” song
 Machinery, Lamas, Horses: Galloping races, llama coloring contest
 Harvest, Goats: Support the goat stem challenge
 Sheep/Pigs: Sheer the sheep (shaving cream from a balloon using a popsicle stick)

 Science: Dissolving eggshells, Support the goat STEM Challenge, water cycle
 Art: Farm animal windsock, creating an animal habitat, creating an animal habitat
 Games: Farm relay and race, farm charades
 Math: Graph favorite farm animals
 Music: "Wisconsin Milk" "6 Little Ducks" "On Top of Spaghetti"
 Games: Farm animal charades
Next Week:
 Back to School: We will have a party involving some of the kids’ favorite activities. 

Memorable Moments:

 The kids loved using colored vinegar to make our baking soda Olympic rings fizz. 
 We revisited paper airplanes.
 The kids love using our construction toys around the room.
 The kids made some really cool Olympic flags. 

Friendly Reminders: 
 Sunscreen: Please send in sunscreen with your child’s name on it for your child to use during summer break. 
 Toys from home will not come to school. When we have a talent show or show and tell this summer, the children will use materials from our classroom.

 Please read all of the papers from the office very closely for updates to how we have to run the daycare in order to keep your child and everyone else safe. 

You don’t need a cape to be a hero, you just need to care.” ~Kid President

Classroom Newsletter-Yellow 
July 13 - July 17

This week:
This week was all about the jungle! We discussed different animals that live in the jungle, rain forest, and on the safari! Monday we made elephant toothpaste and it was very exciting! The kids all loved watching it explode out of the bottles! Heath and Asher kept saying it looked like a volcano and we agree! We also made animal masks, paper chain snakes, safari hats, and a very yummy trail mix! Every week on Monday we tell the kids what this week's theme is and ask them what they want to know! This week the kids asked Why do lions like to live in grass? , What lives in the understory of the rainforest? What are some giraffe and elephant facts?, and How do monkeys swing so well? We take time throughout every week to answer all these questions, and usually end up adding more questions and answering those as well. I love basing our learning on what the kids want to learn!  

Next week:
Next week we are taking a trip back to prehistoric times and learning all about dinosaurs. We will discuss different types of dinosaurs, dinosaur living habits, and scientists who study them.  

Classroom tips:
Please write your child’s name on their lunch bag and on their water bottle if you send one. Thank you!

Please have your child practice opening lunch items such as water bottles, yogurts, pudding cups, chip bags, and apple sauce pouches. This is great fine motor skill practice and also helps your child become more independent!  

Ms. Elise and Ms. Erin

  Newsletter from the Green Room

  July 17, 2020

This week we have been having a good time with Transportation week. We incorporated family vacations and all the kids have told us about their adventures and what mode of transportation was used to get there. Some shared photos and others drew pictures and gave us lots of details. All of the trips sounded fun. We enjoyed hearing about it and they enjoyed drawing scenes to relive the travels. This group loves to draw!

Some of the kids are enjoying yoga outside on the playground in the mornings. What a great way to start our day. The afternoons have been too hot for outside time so we have provided activities using music and movement inside. This is an active group and they have lots of energy to burn. 

Some things we have been encouraging include self-help skills. Trying before asking for help is promoted and builds self confidence and autonomy. Another skill encouraged is using good manners such as not interrupting while others are talking and better table manners. We clean up many milk spills each day. Please encourage these skills at home, we appreciate the help.

Next week we will head to the Big City through activities, play, and books. Should be a fun week!

Ms. Penny, Ms. Anna and Ms. Heather

This week our classroom enjoyed farm week! The kids have been very excited about science experiments. Ms. Raegan brought in some white flowers and the children dropped food coloring into each vase of flowers. The children got to slowly watch the flowers turn the different colors. Next they did a disappearing egg trick! It had to be their favorite! 
Ask them to tell you one of the farm jokes they learned! 
For art we made cows out of cups, llama puppet and we made a duck! 
We spent time talking about farm animals and each shared our favorites. We talked about what we would do if we were farmers and owned our own farms. Would we only eat the food we grew? Which crops would we plant? What machines would we need? We also talked about what we would eat if we were a goat. We talked about how goats eat everything!!!  
Have a great weekend!

Next Week 

Olympics Week!

Even though this year’s summer Olympics were cancelled, we still plan on celebrating and learning about it! We plan to start the week by making a torch which symbolizes the beginning of the Olympics. The kids will enjoy lots of challenged and games as well as becoming/ designing their own Olympic athlete.


We’ve noticed that the children are only drinking about 1 water bottle a day. We give them milk for snack and offer water breaks from our jug throughout the day. 

Please call office when your child will be absent. 

We are in need of scrap paper & tissues. 

Ms. Erica, Ms. Raegan, Ms. Audrey 

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